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What is Bridal Blueprint?

We want to make your wedding the best day of your life without all the hassle to get there! The average wedding takes over 200 hours to plan, and we know you have other responsibilities. Too many companies write sponsored articles for their own gain, but we passionately care about making your wedding stress-free. At this time, we take no sponsorships and have no paid advertising because we want to maintain the integrity of our services.

What do you do?

We're glad you asked! We publish an original blog every week, but what really sets us apart is our design software. On our website, you are able to digitally design your reception to take some of the surprise and guesswork out of planning!

How much does this cost?

That's the best part - it's free! You could spend all day designing reception tables, and we'd never ask for a single dollar. Our top priority is your big day, not our bottom line!

Still feeling overwhelmed? Our blog is here to help!
Stressed about how your reception will look? Design it here for free!